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Cornell Journal of Architecture Volume 11: Fear

Anthropologists tell us that fear is an innate trait among most primate species, a principal aspect of learning-to-survive. At the same time, most of us primates seem equally adept at learning new fears, fears that are perhaps irrational, nonproductive, and frequently inflamed by manipulative parties among our own species.

An awareness of fear has been known to inspire invention, imagination, and substantial change. The essays and visual work included in the issue confront fear as we know it, laying the groundwork for a more hopeful reality — fearlessly. Oddly, despite our theme, this may prove to be the most optimistic Cornell Journal of all.

KooZA/rch Showcase &


KooZA/rch's personal interview on "Alien Interfaces: Exploring a World Beyond Reality" with Warisara Sudswong (Nice) on the award-winning architecture thesis.

DEZEEN Virtual

End-of-Year Show

INDA Parade is the main event of the school held at the end of each academic year, involving design studio reviews, exhibitions, lectures, and parties, happening concurrently and in the same space. It is meant to enable the community of students, instructors, alumni, guests, and the public to discover and celebrate students' works collectively as an ongoing conversation. In 2020, challenged by recent events, INDA decided to use a social virtual reality platform as a complementary tool for exchanging and representing ideas, under the motto 'Keep School Real'.

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