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Eternal Memories of Thai-japan


Author: Nara Lojanatorn (Pann)

Link: @pannara
University: INDA, Chulalongkorn University
Instructor(s): Warisara Sudswong, Kannawat Limratepong
Title: Eternal Memories of Thai-Japan

Eternal Memories of Thai-Japan is a project revisiting the site before 1945 which was the time of WWII, when Japanese soldiers came and occupy the Rama IV area and Silom road. It was used as a military camp which heavily influenced by Japanese culture. The design of the folly will reimagine how we can replace an existing Thai-Japanese bridge and use the folly as a way to remind people now and in future generations about the past events.


The inspiration of the folly is derived from the narrative and Japanese influences from WWII. Through the help of the public people, the folly will be transformed into various types of spaces and activities- as a gathering area for the people. In consideration towards the cars and other vehicles, the folly which is placed in the middle of the intersection can manipulate the cars to become a roundabout. When needed, the folly can expand itself into a large public space and can redirect the flow of traffic, allowing people to be more engaged and freely explore the folly.


This folly will be a monument. A gathering space. A space of memory. A piece of history which reflects people’s thought and perception of this area. It is the origami memorial folly.

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