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Author: Narramon Isarasena Na Ayutthaya (Toon)

Link: @inay_nar
University: INDA, Chulalongkorn University
Instructor(s): Warisara Sudswong, Kannawat Limratepong
Title: Hidden Space

Upon initial observation, the Samyan billboard sign is nothing special. After a more detailed observation, I discovered the significance of the history of this location and its relationship to the billboard. In the area, the billboard is the epi-center of life for the community. Two groups that are likely to use the billboard is the construction worker and the other group is the contrasting upper-class community of business people. The cycle that surrounds the billboard is through businessmen creating luxurious condominium projects while utilizing construction workers to fulfill their needs. The living conditions for the workers are not that great and are temporary. What if we could modify the billboard to better the lives of the construction worker?


The project is an exploration of how the food seller, P’Noot and P’Nid, could make use of the billboard over time to change their lives and improve their career prospect.

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