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Author: Thanutcha Pueriphanvichai (Mind)

Link: @miindminds
University: INDA, Chulalongkorn University
Instructor(s): Warisara Sudswong, Kannawat Limratepong
Title: Lottery Island

Lottery sellers are an influential group around the Wat Hualamphong area where my site is located. Within the next 10 years, there may be changes that occur within the group. Currently in 2020, these lottery sellers are in a hide-and-seek relationship with the police even though it's also illegal, under the table monthly payment. 


My site is an safety island opposite Hualamphong temple which around that area, there are 6 safety islands in total but the reason that make me choose this island as my site is the weird activities (eating dinners, chit chat, letting bird free and some spend a hour on the island) that happen on it during the day which is quite against to the regulation symbol(police booth) that is located on my site. Therefore, I started to observe deeper to what certain types of people that engage and interact with my site. Basically, there are sellers, police, and pedestrians. One of the strange things that happens is that the lottery seller is not allowed to sell their stuff but in reality they do. From my observation, the selling and also other weird activities are located hidden from the police booth sight.


I look at my site from two perspectives. police’s view and lottery seller’s view. Then, I illustrate and clarify the information in the form of a board game- listing out their activities and the items that two of them can use to help their purposes on the island like the item that can help sellers stay on the island longer and the item that helps police prevent the sellers from using the public space to do their personal thing.


The final form of the folly utilizes the traffic pole’s form which combines the original purpose of traffic control and signage while maintaining and adding additional programs. The first floor is where the activity display and the lottery sells. For this activity, I chose the siam si one to remain the old method of getting number and lottery will be sold by the lottery vending machine. These functions all combine into a space that can be folded out to share the central space. When the folly folds out, it reveals a party kit and the traffic cone seat that stack and is kept inside of the folly and will be used for the celebration that occurs every lotto day. On the floor, it is a foldable dancing stage as our main certain customer is middle to old age. The activity they can do to enjoy together is listening to song, dancing and chit chat. Therefore, I choose them to be the method of celebrating.


Moving up to the second floor, the control room is for maintain the intersection’s traffic light while  being hidden from plain sight.The reason it is hidden is because I want to use the concept of a surveillance tower that people can’t know that the control man is presence or not but the control man is able to observe then and control the amount of people getting in and out. The way to go up is to climb the small climbing rock that sticks with the folly.

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