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secret graffiti performance


Author: Thana Paonil (Art)

Link: @Artfoz
University: INDA, Chulalongkorn University
Instructor(s): Warisara Sudswong, Kannawat Limratepong
Title: Secret Graffiti Performance

Graffiti is a risky business. It is a form of artistic expression through writing or drawing that is oftentimes completed without permission and widely seen for the public audience. Along the spine of Rama IV road, there lies a graffiti tag ‘Gufe and Elms’ spray painted across the highway bridge intersection. As an anonymous maker, their public information offers very little insight on their execution and the acrobatics needed for their tags. To this day, no one knows the real identity of this duo. Through exploring the possible ways of how one might go about conquering the feat of spraying painting and parkour, I became fascinated and appreciative of the way graffiti artists conduct their artwork in high, sometimes almost impossible places and spaces.

So who could these graffiti artists be, if not the world-renown ‘Gufe and Elms’? Could it possibly be the pedestrians that most frequent this site such as police officers, street cleaners, and university students? Through tracking their route and routine to document potential times of opportunities that would allow these ‘makers’ to become anonymous graffiti artists. Working together as a team, the choreographed movements between each maker can become a street art performance while executing their graffiti spray. The folly is designed to help assist these performers of their public art. Accessibility to the bridge is kept private to only the secret group but interaction towards the artwork is public and visible for all to see.

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