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Tower of En(light)enment


Author: Frances Gregor
University: Cornell University
Instructor(s): Luben Dimcheff, Dasha Khapalova, Warisara Sudswong
Title: Tower of En(light)enment

The Tower of Babel is about the interface between the vertical and the horizontal. It’s a tower that represents the interstitial space between those who are stationary and those who are in motion. Those who have created a home for themselves within the tower are disconnected from both the ground the ground and the earth, wedged in the small space between the interior and exterior ramps, and constructing a life for themselves by caring for those who pass by. Those who travel up and down are disconnected from all planes of living as they strive to reach the next step, but their endless efforts can never be realized. The Tower of Babel contains incomprehensible and confusing infinities.

Those who stay fear being forgotten. Those who leave fear never being known.

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